About Eklg

The EKLG has been an endeavor started in 2020 by a group of cornea surgeons with the mission to create a platform that could facilitate the transfer of learning and knowledge on endothelial keratoplasty from global masters to learners with online teaching sessions. The vision of EKLG is to transfer better healing to patients with good outcomes. With the sincere and dedicated work of the core team and steering committee, EKLG has brought together over 2000 attendees from over 60 countries with 100 experienced cornea surgeons from around the world together in over 40 hours of sessions.

EKLG is supported in this endeavor to reach out to cornea surgeons the world over with the help of collaborations with large ophthalmic societies (Cornea Society of India, Pan American Cornea Society, Oftalmo Cordoba, Cornea Columbia, European School of Advanced Learning ESASO, Cornea Society of Australia, apart from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka)


We have received great reviews from our participants & faculty and EKLG intends to take this work ahead on yet another year with the Global Summit on EKLG 2022 , from 7-9 October .

The Global Summit 2022 is your program, which will help you learn and grow as a surgeon in DSAEK/DMEK.We would like your feedback to design and plan for Global Summit.Please fill the following survey to help us plan the program in the best of your interest.

Who are the organizers ?

The Global Summit 2021 has been organised by Endothelial Keratoplasty Learner’s Group (EKLG ) which has started in May 2020 with the mission and vision to enable and empower as many surgeons as possible from across the world , to be able to convert from full thickness keratoplasty to endothelial transplants, with ultimate goal of improving patients outcome and reduce the need for frequent follow ups.

Please visit www.eklg.org for details of core group members and steering committee members for the summit.

The recordings are available on Facebook page of EKLG. Please join us using the following link.